Labour of Love

I was so excited about all the plans I had in place for No. 28. Now one year on I find myself either sitting on the stairs smiling thinking about how far I have come or sitting on the stairs thinking what the bloody hell have I done. Everything that is updated, redesigned or even scrubbed up in this house makes me so happy! I am grateful of every little bit. I’m not the sort of renovator that has a huge budget or time. So everything so far has been done whilst living here when said money and time permits. Which can be really hard going sometimes. Ok all of the time if I’m honest!

Whilst doing my interior design studies and being super mom to my two, I have re-designed and re-decorated all three bedrooms and the hall, stairs and landing on my own. I know that doesn’t sound very much in a whole year but it certainly feels like it. I have also designed the bathroom renovation which will be taking place very soon. (Hurry up) Oh and I knocked through the chimney breast in the living room to open up the fireplace. I then decided I wanted to expose the brick so off came the plaster too!! That was a dusty evening!.

Logan’s room was the first to be tackled, he went away on residential within the first month of moving in and as his room is the smallest I knew it wouldn’t take too long and really wanted to surprise him for when he got home. I think originally the room may have been the baby’s nursery when the house was built in the early fifties. It was a tired shade of pale lemon and had been coated with paint over and over again in the last 50 years, making the thick patterned wallpaper rock solid!! Logan being nine years old at the time I knew he would want something cool and trendy but I was very conscious not to make it too grown up for him. We have been through the whole ‘my favourite character this year’ over the years and I was determined this time that no characters were going to be harmed in the making of this bedroom Again…  I had to get the balance right which can be tricky at this age.

I first thought about what he liked outside of Marvel and Mindcraft. Logan has always loved New York and at one stage he’d read and watch whatever he could about it. He loved the place! and still does actually which is a good job because I worked around that idea and picked out what I could without making The room too much of a theme or hard to change if he then got bord with it. The dark buildings and yellow cabs that he loved so much made for an easy design brief.IMG_20170402_145934I didn’t want the space to be too dark with the room being on the smaller side so I went for a bright graffiti wallpaper along the longest length wall making it a super cool feature in any little Gents bedroom. This will take him right up to teenage years and beyond if need be. I then picked out a flintstone colour paint for the opposite wall around the windows (Dark New York buildings was my thought behind this) the light from the window really broke it up rather than having just one block of colour. On the back wall where the bed would be I went for an industrial feel with white and grey brick effect wallpaper.20170327_225439Everything tied in so well together with a slate toned carpet to warm up the whole feel of the room. To accessorise I added a new York duvet set a quick fix to change the look of the room instantly and bring in the New York feel, a taxi yellow light shade added a pop of colour whilst keeping in with the style. I filled perspex frames with left over graffiti wallpaper to make a fun canvas and bring the space together, I also used off cuts off the wallpaper to decorated the frame of his mirror. Using all the wallpaper saves on waste and is a great cost effective way to tie the whole thing together.

Texture is great in any space when designing a room but it was especially important for Logan as he has Sensory processing disorder something that comes hand in hand with his Dyspraxia, by adding squishy pug cushions (his fave breed) and fleecy throws for him to touch, feel and cosy up to in the evenings nothing looked out of place. A a Sensory colour changing mood lighting not only calms him at bedtime but also looks amazing against the brick effect wall. As the room is the smallest of 3 I wanted to make sure he had plenty of storage AND space at the same time. I decided that a wardrobe would take up too much room and was lucky enough to fit it in his sister’s room as she has the second biggest room, Id really recommend doing this if you can because it freed up more space without effecting anyone else. Both Ikea and Argos have some great storage units, I picked up the 6 cube unit from Argos and foldable storage boxes to go with it. I was able to use the one unit as a tv stand, laptop workspace and storage for arty bits and video games. It’s all about functional space in a smaller room, so rather than a separate tv unit and a desk AND storage I was able to use just one space-saving unit for all his needs.20170327_225803I gave myself 5 days to strip, prep,decorate and style the bedroom before he got home from camp. And after 5 long days and nights I completed it just in time for him arriving. The smile on his face made it all worth it. He was amazed, happy, so so grateful and couldn’t wait to get into bed. Now that’s what I call a Labour of love.20170327_225411


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