Keeping it calm in the bedroom

IMG_20170305_205443_302My most favourite room in the house is my bedroom. Whenever I get home it’s the first room I go to have a quick tidy up, plump the pillows and vac the carpet, not forgetting to switch the fire and table lamp on for a nice glow. I like everything tidy and cosy ready for a bit of R&R. (The bit before I decide to actually go to sleep for the night) As it’s my most favourite place to be I have no problem with jumping into bed at a ridiculously early time to either watch tv, read a book or even check my emails!IMG_20170328_172237_774This bedroom was once a blue lagoon even the skirting boards were blue!! Granted a different shade to the walls and ceiling but Blue!! It felt cold and dated and not the sort of place you could cosy up and relax. It was important to have a place to go when I wanted to not only sleep but relax too. I wanted it to be feminine and calm which is exactly what I set out to do! This was the second room in the house to be made over or salvaged as I like to sometimes put it because no walls needed plastering or knocking out! In fact I got away with this in all three bedrooms.

Creating a space of calm and tranquillity is so important for a space like a bedroom, after all it’s where we spend most of our lifetime! I had previously worked on a few mood boards but didn’t feel the balance was right. I wanted it to have a hotel boutique feel to it but also bring in the prettiness of country chic without over doing it. I set my heart on mauve for the colour scheme and set about picking out ivory and white furniture, I like to mix it up and just one tone wasn’t the feel I was after. I wanted it to look collected and homely without too much effort. Contemporary was not what I was looking for here. Roses are my absolute fave! So when I came across THE perfect feature wallpaper with printed roses by Muriva I was as happy as a pig in the proverbial. I only stripped one wall which would be the feature wall and left the dated slightly patterned wallpaper on the other three walls, it was so well done with no damage to it that I was certain that a fresh lick of paint (not blue) would give it a new lease of life and keep time and costs down. I was right! I don’t even notice it now it’s painted and I definitely recommend it for a quick fix and a perk up.

The feature wall makes a real statement when you walk into the room and although slightly a lighter shade to mauve works beautifully with the one mauve wall I painted opposite, When the chandelier is turned on it creates a beautiful pattern against the roses reflecting in the mirror across the room. I then set about painting the two other walls a very light vanilla (yes I know who wants vanilla in the bedroom but that’s what it was called) it was just the right shade to offset the mauve and push the walls further out opening up the entire feel of the room and adding to that country chic I was after.

Now I am very guilty of having a t.v. in my bedroom, I know some people shudder at the thought but if I didn’t have children I promise you now I would spend my whole weekend in bed watching tv! Promise!! Although I didn’t want a great big tv taking over the look of the room so I went for a nice little white Samsung that I picked up in the sale at John Lewis. It’s on a bracket that I can hide away in the corner above the fireplace and pull it out when I need to. On my photos you wouldn’t even be able to tell I had one in there. Perfect guilty pleasure! So it is possible to have a tv in the room but not be the focus of the actual room.

As I mentioned I love to switch the fire on (just the light, not the heat) I’m not lucky enough to have a real fireplace in there so an electric ivory suite suits me fine to give that lovely cosy glow at night and it’s an easy fix when you want all the effects of a fire in the evening. One thing in my bedroom I couldn’t wait to cover up was the radiator it always looked slightly wonky and far too small for the room which drove me crazy!! So I invested in a white radiator cover and incorporated it into the room as part of the furniture, it looks great, was inexpensive and holds my plants and candles. Win win!!

When creating your calm space I think it’s so important to have those things in there that make you smile or what we now know as hygge (more of that in another post) Well my hygge is candles!! They change the whole look of the room and up lift my mood when I’m feeling rubbish especially a delicious scented one! My fave at the moment is Morrison’s ‘My Spa’ range of the lotus flowers and orange blossom, not forgetting a good Yankee lace and linen. Candles are also a great way to accessorise a room without breaking the bank. Why stop there with things that make me smile and cosy! I love, love, love a throw, bed runner, fleecy blanket, Whatever we want to call them I love them! They add texture and warmth to a bed or chair in the bedroom and act just as a rug would on the floor. I picked up a grey, silver toned fleecy throw and use it most nights to snuggle up to as it’s so soft but not too heavy. One thing that does always stay at the bottom of my bed is a heavy satin runner, as I have a superking I find it so difficult to find beautiful bedding. It’s always the way I see a duvet set that I love but they never seem to go up to a superking!! So what I tend to do is pretty the bed up with my large runner at the bottom and pretty cushions set out at the top to jazz it up. Different textures and tones on a bed adds Interest and comfort (especially if you like to read in a cosy nook) Anything that brings you joy should have a small place in your calm place, it’s all about the things that make you smile after all.

I think my bedroom is another room that proves you don’t need a big budget to create a stunning space, something I always stand by. Oh by the way I type this as I relax in my big bed, candles lit and a big cuppa next to me. Joy!


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