Hall makeover – Creating a functional work space


The end result

The hall is the first thing someone will see when walking into your home and sets the scene for the rest of the house. When I walked into my house for the very first time I was shocked! Even though I had seen photos it just didn’t feel or look the same as it did in my head. (In a good way) For a start the stairs were nothing like I had imagined in real life as I had these two small half landings, one in which housed the loo and that cute little round window I loved so much from the outside. Then were the next lot of stairs that took me up to the landing where the bathroom and bedrooms were. It was quirky and I fell in love at first sight!!

One thing I didn’t fall for were the nicotine coloured walls and milky coffee doors and skirting! Yes every single door was that colour and if you follow me on instagtam homedujour you will remember just how much they bothered me because I didn’t stop posting about them!. However once upon a time a family chose to have those colours and that style AND worked hard to achieve it so who was I to judge? it was just very dated for the times and like anyone who had been primed and coated 50 years ago she wasn’t looking her best anymore.

The floors had to be re-screeded as they were in very bad condition and in order to have the tiles that I wanted they needed to be set on a good ground surface. The paint work also had to be stripped down, sanded and primed! Which seemed to take an age, I recommend anyone who is starting a house project to get a paint stripper because they will be your best friend and the best tenna (and upwards in price) you will ever spend!

Always make sure your wear a face mask and gloves and open all the windows especially in older houses when stripping paint because some of the older paint will contain lead which you really DO NOT want to be heating up and breathing in! Another friend of mine was Mr electric sander because no way did I have it in me to use sandpaper and elbow grease alone when sanding down the staircase.

Once all the prep was done I could concentrate on the style and decor FINALLY!! I had spotted some tiles in the sale at Victorian plumbing which were random patterns in a lush French grey tone, Beautiful!! I instantly ordered them and they get complements on a daily basis over on my Instagram (even now a few months down the line.) I refreshed the walls with a brilliant white dulux emoltion and followed through with a brilliant white satin for the doors and skirting.


French greys and pure white

I wanted the stairs to make a bit of a statement and after sussing out if the original spindles were there (they wasn’t unfortunately) I decided to paint the whole staircase a beautiful French grey gloss which I came across by chance in wilko! And although I still haven’t got any carpet down on the actual stairs (pending bathroom renovation) they still look just as lovely at the moment as the grey woodwork really pops against the pure white walls.

One thing that was really needed was workspace but I didn’t have THE space in the house (or so I thought) to make my own area without bringing it into the living area. Which I was reluctant to do. I then had a brain wave (hold tight) usually under the stairs will have a built-in cupboard or some sort of storage that you will have inherited BUT! mine didn’t. It was just an open space and that’s where my idea came in!!. I had a small white desk that I had purchased from Amazon when I first started studying interior design a few years ago (packed away in the outhouse). It was the perfect fit for under the stairs and I mean perfect!! (Almost looks built-in) Another quick search on amazon and I came across a white retro inspired Alessia Eiffel chair which sits beautifully under my desk and they both look like they have been married for years. All the while creating a functional work space for myself in a place that would have probably been used to chuck shoes, coats and that one lone welly!!

I’m sitting here right now with my mug of coffee and spot lights on which by the way are in actual fact stick on spots that cost pounds rather than hundreds of pounds in electrics to have them fitted under the stairs. This way I get all the effect of the lighting for a fraction of the price and Labour.


My cosy work area maximising small spaces.

The hall has a very fresh feeling to it with vintage and industrial pieces such as the light fittings and old black and white photos of generations before me in the family. It’s a place where all my faves get to be show cased. On the first half landing I have an Amsterdam bike sign which was picked up at a charity shop by chance. This sits beside my black and white print’s of Amsterdam my most favourite place to be!!. Leading up the stairs are family photos and cute little prints I have picked up along the way. This makes my house a home having those lovely little bits dotted around without looking too crowded.

I think it’s important to show your personality in your home and the door mat that greats you next to my slate grey front door certainly shows mine!! It states you can’t come in unless you have Gin! (Well have you??) Something that always makes people smile before they have even crossed the front door.

Something else that always gets people talking and lots of compliments is my ceramic floor tiles which I mentioned earlier. I wanted something different that really made a statement and I wouldn’t tire of, these Spanish random patterns really do the job and I can’t think of anything else I would rather have (even when I’m cleaning them for the 100th time a day)

You will find other bits and bobs in my hall that reflect me, such as my crazy bronze retro telephone that sits on my very on trend marble telephone table (by George at Asda a steal at £59.)

Mixing up traditional and contemporary is something that happens a lot in my home, I love to marry the two together time and time again and the result is always amazing in my opinion.

My hallway is something I am very proud to have designed and have since gone on to help new clients of mine create similar either with style/decor or maximizing a small space for storage/workspace or even a reading nook.

The re-design of No.28 carries on to another room at a very slow pace but always with love. Stay with me to see new progress every week. Who knows I may even have my bathroom renovation to show you very soon! Laura x


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